The pastor of a Texas megachurch said he was stunned when a government agent stopped him at a TSA checkpoint so his Bible could be inspected.

I couldn’t believe it. I literally couldn’t believe it, said Gene Lingerfelt, the pastor of Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas.

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The pastor and his wife were on their way to Cancun for vacation when he was stopped Monday in the TSA Pre-Check line for a bag check.

Brief aside: Your friendly neighborhood columnist has TSA Pre-check, too and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been pulled aside for additional screening. So now were literally getting charged to get manhandled by the TSA although we do get to keep our shoes on.

At first, the pastor was not terribly surprised by the disruption.

That particular bag was filled with all of my cords charger cords, computer power cords in some airports like Heathrow I always get stopped, he said.

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