Triple Niche Trifecta

The Winning Combination of Three Super
Niches to Create an Indestructible
Business Model

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Make a bet on a sure winner. These are the triple crown of super money niches. One alone is powerful. People in every one of these niches are flush with cash. Positioning yourself in the balance of all three of these winning niches is nothing short of a common sense certainty for unimaginable leverage.

Introduction to Super Niche #1

The 1st niche market I’m gonna share with you is a as limitless as peoples aspirations. Not only is it limitless in potential, it’s also filled with desperate opportunity seekers. Dreamers that spend money like drunken sailors on furlough in Manila.

This is a massive niche that you could market to for your entire life and hardly dip your toe in the vastness of its ocean. This is without a doubt the Mother Load of golden opportunities.

Saturation is virtually impossible. There’s room for everyone that dares to venture into this Amazon jungle of teaming enthusiastic wealth seekers.

Plus hundreds of thousands of new people are joining every month. It’s a never ending well. In many ways it could be considered the ideal money makers’ niche.

What is this goldmine of endless opportunity? Biz Ops, (MLM) Multi-level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, or Direct sales marketing.

MLM as a business model has its merits. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are at the top of MLMs.

The bad part about the industry is the lack of real cutting edge marketing training and support from sponsors. The masses at the bottom of these multi-million dollar businesses are woefully neglected.

They spend countless hours trying ineffective marketing tactics from the 70s and jump around from one opportunity to the next, always looking for that “missing piece of the puzzle.”

Many MLMers have started to look at other business models to boost their careers. And most importantly for us, they are willing to delve into the nuts and bolts of real marketing strategies being taught in the online marketing industry.

This leads us to the second super niche: “The I.M. World”, Internet Marketing. These two niches are a near perfect dynamic combination. But wait for the last niche.

Super Niche #2 Internet Marketing

Also known as the “Make Money Online” or “Online Marketing” niche, it has its bad reputation too. Some would even call it the “Dark Side” of marketing.

In this niche there are also multiple millions of desperate opportunity seekers. This industry also has some of the worst failure rates in the world when it comes to making a successful living. There are a lot of people that make tiny amounts of money on occasion. But most go for years never being able to break free from the bondage of their “real jobs.”

Despite the fact that the industry has cutting edge technology and marketing information, most people never make a dime. The problem is obvious to most of the people themselves. But they can’t seem to break their own cycle of no focus, self doubt and ultimate failure.

The biggest problem, again, being a lack of real mentoring and leadership from the top producers. Without a sizable investment in a private coaching program that most can never afford, they are left to go from tactic to tactic, buying little pieces of the puzzle one at a time.

They spend their day chasing shiny objects and buying magic bullet products designed to keep them in a constant cycle of exploitation and bewilderment.

But the real sad fact is, the (MMO) Make Money Online industry wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for these poor hapless souls that never catch their dream.

Now if only the MLM people had the internet marketing tech savvy knowledge of the IM world, they would have the keys to success they need. It would save them an incredible amount of time and money. Their learning curve would be shortened dramatically and they could see success in months instead of spinning their wheels for years.

Now, to put the icing on the cake, we look to a place that everyone wants to go. The next niche has the money, the allure and is yet untapped by the savvy of the online marketing world.

Super Niche #3 TRAVEL!

This is by far the sexiest and most sought after pursuit in the world. Not only that, it is also a 10 TRILLION dollar industry that is projected to double in the next ten years!

Do a survey of average people and ask them if they had all the time and money they needed in the world, and never had to work again in their life; what would they do? The answer is almost always travel and help others.

You know it’s true because that’s what you would do too. When people flaunt their success, that is what you always see; Them in a tropical paradise enjoying the beauty of nature and luxury, and getting the pampered treatment of the rich and famous.

But do you know what the real appeal of having the ability to travel anytime, anywhere you want is? The real appeal is FREEDOM!

And who doesn’t want that kind of freedom?

So everybody wants to travel. But most people will never venture very far from their home towns during their life. What a disconnect!

I don’t think I need to sell you on the fact that the travel niche is by far the most attractive in the world. No one is going to run from an opportunity to travel the world as much as they want if given a chance.

Thousands of people get involved in the travel industry just for the chance to travel for free, or get paid to travel. They join cruise ships, go on missionary trips, work for charities, work for airlines, get jobs in the oil industry, join the military and the list goes on and on. People will almost sell their souls for the chance to travel.

Many people work and save their entire lives just to spend the last few years traveling. They invest, they build businesses and then sell them for the time and money to travel. Then, sadly they even get swindled by time share scams and investment fraud so they never realize their dreams.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How does all this fit together? What does the travel industry, MLM and Internet marketing have to do with each other? Well, that is what the next part of Triple Niche Trifecta is all about.

Super Niche Fusion


It’s about reaching out to the struggling people in the MLM industry and the IM world with a solution to their greatest frustration.

Most of the people in these niches are waiting for someone like you to come along and give them some real hope of success through a well defined plan that makes sense.

MLM and IM people want and desperately need help.

First of all, the fundamental IM skills like traffic generation and list building that we take for granted can be of enormous value to the average person in the MLM business.

The majority of people are desperately trying to market their business
using 60s and 70s, sales tactics that just don’t work unless you’re a charismatic super star salesman.

These are genuine good people that dream of a better future and get sucked into a system that they are woefully ill equipped to replicate. The business model they have been given isn’t for the average working class person.

People join MLM opportunities, follow the instructions given to them by their up-line and end up in frustration. Obviously it’s not their fault, they just don’t have a clue how modern marketing looks, much less how to do it.

Now I want to show you how you can reach out to these neglected people and show them a better way, a way that guides them with proven marketing techniques, that don’t require them to talk to their friends and family.

Would they be interested? You know they will! These guys are desperately seeking for marketing instructors that will work to insure their success. Well, that’s what this system is all about. Matching up struggling marketers with proven internet marketing methods and tools that really help them to succeed.

The majority of people in MLM are not savvy internet marketers. They are frustrated with a lack of leads and sales from the outdated methods they try to use. That’s why when you offer them products and services that address these issues, your conversion rates can be record breaking!

Basically, we offer products and services that address the basics of internet marketing that deal with lead generation and online promotional tactics.

For example, free coaching. Coaching programs are a great fit for MLMers or even IMers who want to learn internet marketing from the beginner to advanced levels. Offer great value to the end user as an affiliate and get recurring monthly commissions.

Now that you’ve seen how IM ties into MLM and how MLM can benefit from what they learn in IM, I want to show you how the IM industry can benefit from MLM business opportunities.

MLM offers some benefits that you don’t get from the IM world. First of all, many have a complete done for you franchise like business kit that comes complete with sales funnels, products, industry specific training and stable, residual income.

They are well versed in small business tax deductions, business expenses and how to operate the business side of business. The internet marketing industry almost completely leaves this aspect of business building out.

Except for having poor marketing training, many MLM companies offer some of the most lucrative and powerful compensation systems in the world. If there is one place that MLM can benefit a savvy internet marketer, it’s in the area of powerful earnings potential.

Becoming a top earner and realizing lucrative bonuses, luxury car allowances and profit overrides doesn’t take thousands of customers like internet marketing. As a prime example, one MLM heavy hitter made his millions by recruiting only 15 people over just a few months. His name is Mike Dillard. Then he took a simple e-book business on sponsoring new MLM recruits and turned it into an amazing 8-figure business.

Another one is Russel Brunson, and he is the top earner in two different MLM companies. I could go on with examples for a long time here, but the point is, you don’t have to recruit a lot of people to have a very lucrative business when you combine IM with MLM.

But what about travel? I know you’re wondering how in the world can travel tie into internet marketing and multilevel.


This is where the business gets interesting and fun!

Imagine this; you have the perks only offered to travel industry professionals. You can travel and stay at some of the top resort properties for free. Your family can stay at the most exotic locations in the most luxurious resorts in the world for a week at a time at a 90% discount.

Combining the skills of an internet marketer and the privileges of a travel professional will allow you to enjoy a lifestyle of ultimate freedom and travel. This is not a presumptuous ideal. This is the reality for thousands of people all over the world right now.

But how do you get the privileges of a travel professional and the skills of an internet marketer and the earning leverage of an MLM? There are a place I know of, and I’ll share them with you later.

Let me tell you how the system is designed to work from the bottom up. We start out offering internet marketing tools, training, coaching, and viral money magnets to people in both the IM and MLM industries.

By using the methods taught by Mike Dillard and other successful millionaire marketers, build a list of buyers.

The system I have come up with is a hybrid of several very effective methods. I call it “Magnetic Attraction Marketing.” The initial core is from Mike Dillard. But the funnel that I developed from several other sources is deeper and even more powerful.

Buyers lists are the absolute best you can have. So we build buyers lists and offer them more personal training in a private group which gives them a better chance at stopping the cycle of exploitation they have been victims of.

As members of my personal training group, they get special privileges like 50% to 100% commissions on all products produced and sold through affiliate programs.

They get the help of other members and mentor leadership and an accountability factor built in that assures success.

They get products with Private Label Rights (PLR) to sell as their own. They get full use rights to every product ever created by me, passed, present and future.

This kind of personal involvement is unheard of in the internet marketing industry. And it’s only made possible because of the compensation structure of an MLM. The team leader has a real vested interest in the success of every member he recruits. Without their success, his business would not exist. And without their replication the residuals would be flat.

So now we have three sources of income:

1. Digital information products
2. Affiliate training programs
3. Residual network commissions

But we don’t stop there. Remember? We’re internet marketers that also have a travel incentive business. The travel business has another benefit too.

Internet marketers are able to get privileges by effectively advertising resorts, restaurants and other travel businesses. That is yet another stream of income and privileges that we can look forward to as members of this elite level super niche fusion program.

Now you see how travel ties into this at the end. It begins with simple list building aimed at the IM and MLM niche. Then it grows into continuous product sales and building a buyers list. The buyers list become members of a basic training program that takes the students through to advanced marketing tactics and methods.

Everything is replicable and grows from the bottom up. You learn and earn while you get access to every piece of software and training used in the whole system so you too can replicate it yourself.

From the internet marketing skills you learn, if you want, you can also offer business marketing services like list building and lead generation.

We take those same internet marketing skills and offer them to the owners of companies for the perks and for another stream of passive income.

By the way, it only takes a few proteges that replicate to fund your lifestyle of freedom and travel for the rest of your business life. Internet marketing alone can not do that. That is only possible through the commission matrix of MLM and its leveraged power of multiplication.

As a member of my mentoring program, you get full use of reports, all viral money magnets, PLR products and commissions on products sold through the affiliate program. That means you never have to worry about product creation, customer support or creating your own sales funnel until you are ready to replicate this complete system for yourself. But even then you still get this completely replicatible, scalable business in a box handed to you on a silver platter.

So there you have it: Leveraged Income + Travel Privileges = Freedom

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My Best Wishes To Your Success,
Alvin Curren