Travel Lifestyle Funding

I want to PayPal you $20 and give you a complimentary  luxury adventure destination vacation stay with your significant other. But first, a question...
Do you have all the time and money you need to travel as often as you like?

Allow me to invest in your adventure travel funding business.
Inside a private Facebook group, I share resources, lead magnets, videos,
opportunities, and the business blueprint that will help people have the time
freedom and financial freedom to enjoy virtually endless vacations without
sacrificing their luxury lifestyle.

Imagine..., the resources to give away unlimited adventure vacations as
incentives for people to network with you, spend more, give reviews, and send
referrals. I'll share that resource in the group.

Have you ever heard of, “Start With Why”? It's a popular business leadership
book by Simon Sinek. The basic concept is that people's loyalty is inspired more
by the shared cause or vision of an organization than by, “the how” or “the what”
they do. And that is exactly why I start by asking if someone wants more
freedom. Because FREEDOM is what I'm building the private group for.
Our group is for people that want to have more time freedom and financial
freedom to experience almost endless travel adventures. Our business and
work are built to support our lifestyle. In other words, we work to live rather than
live to work.
My most common networking, icebreaker question:
If you had all the time and money in the world, and you never had to work again
in your life, what would you be doing right now?
And in my experience, most people are much the same. I have asked that same
kind of question all over the world for years now. And do you know what the
most popular answer is? Almost everyone says, travel. And then the second
answer I get is, helping others. So, is that your answer too? That's what I mean
by “start with why”. The purpose is to travel and help others.

So, why not start with the end goal first, and then build our work and business
around that vision of possibility? Our offers, our business, and our incentives are
all aligned in the same niche market, luxury travel. This business model, which
I'll share in a minute, is set up to work synergistically to support our ultimate
vision of freedom and prosperity that is usually only available to the most
wealthy people in the world.
But not anymore. The rich and famous aren't the only ones that get to enjoy that
kind of lifestyle. But, everyone wonders what people do for a living that make
travel videos and post them up on YouTube all the time. These lucky people are
constantly jumping from place to place with multiple cameras to share their
travel adventures. Millions of people want to know how they can do that? Well,
most of those lucky travelers have online based businesses and services that
require very little time to manage. Almost everything is automated and
outsourced. And that's what we're going to be doing together inside the private

In my own journeys around the world, I've found that most people simply want
freedom and prosperity for themselves and their families. People want the
financial freedom and the time freedom to enjoy their own travel adventures and
help others have a good life.

My idea is simple, to create my own travel funding business that can be
replicated by other goodhearted, freedom loving entrepreneurs. So this is the
basic business plan that will allow us to have that kind of freedom. It's a very
basic 1-2-3 process. We use the vacation giveaway resources I have as
incentives to attract goodhearted, freedom loving entrepreneurs to network with
us and help promote a few business opportunities and affiliate offers in the travel
niche. We help each other refine our offers, ad copy and sales funnel
automation to increase or profits and networks. That means we don't have to
work alone. We can work on our business rather than in them. And because of
the mutually beneficial business structure, we don't have to charge for teaching,
mentoring, or sharing all the resources with others.
It's that simple.

Imagine this. We offer a club membership with vacation discounts of up to 90%
off. And offer free vacations for joining the club! And even better, we can
vacation for free and get paid for telling others about how we do it and our own
membership fees are covered by just two affiliates!
Crazy! Right? Nope, not even a little. See for yourself.
Like To Vacation Club < Click The Link.

And now, my “Mafia Offer”: Try my $20 travel club membership for 30 days for
free! The club gives you access to a wholesale search engine with deals of up to
90% discounts on luxury destination vacation weeks. Because it pays 50%
commissions on new memberships, with just two affiliates, our membership is
covered. And if anyone signs up while this offer is live, I will send them a $20
payment by PayPal making their first month free. I'll also give them a bonus
week long luxury destination vacation worth as much as $1497. The voucher is
good any time in the next 18 months for 2 adults and 2 kids...

People can private message me from inside the group to get this deal.
Restrictions apply, see the FAQs in the private group for more details.
Is the travel club real?
Connect with me in the group, and I'll give you a link.
Thanks for reading.

Regards, Alvin Curren.