The Problem

You know, most people take freedom for granted. They don't do anything to support the cause of liberty. And that's a big mistake because if we don't protect and defend freedom, we can lose it very quickly.
There's also a big problem for those of us that do support freedom.
We're not being wise, "... the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." Luke 16:8
We rely on the platforms of our ideological enemies to host, promote, and fund our missions. Youtube, Facebook, Google, Paypal, Twitter, Patreon, GoFundMe... and the like, thwart our most fundamental rights. And, they're fundamentally opposed to our mission as patriots. It's no wonder that they censor our speech, demonetize our content, ban us from their platforms, and restrict our reach. 
And it is a fact that entrepreneurs benefit from a system based on the fundamental principles of freedom more than almost anyone else.


So, I have an idea. Let's join together to build a network of patriot entrepreneurs that promotes and supports the cause of liberty, each other, and our business interests.
Therefore, we propose the development of a business referral network specifically designed to help patriot entrepreneurs prosper.
The network will help patriots prosper in at least four different ways.
1. Content creators can promote a premium membership to their audience to earn recurring commissions for new subscribers that sign up using a unique referral link.
2. Patriot entrepreneurs can use the platform to build their own referral networks and gain new business through fellow member's recommendations.
3. The network itself can share a portion of its profits with organizations, advocates and representatives that promote the cause of liberty and educate others about responsible freedom.
4. Members can prefer to use the services and products of other patriot entrepreneur members and provide positive reviews to help each other's businesses grow.

Invitation to Network

Now we're looking to collaborate with top level entrepreneurs, business leaders, social influencers, affiliate marketers, growth hackers, content creators, and others with an interest in helping to support the cause of liberty.

So we've started to develop a platform and programs that facilitate providing incentives, rewards and prizes for sending business referrals and recommendations to fellow patriots in our networks in a systematic way.
And the programs are based on four principles proven to make a successful enterprise.
1. It's primarily about the mission for the greater good.
2. It is unique, there's nothing else out there quite like it.
3. It uses a quick, simple automated profit flow process.
4. Our market is full of faithful, affluent, motivated leaders. 

So if this sounds like a good fit, let's connect and see how we can collaborate.
Alvin Curren
Patriot Creed

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