Patriot Creed

We believe in the Patriot’s Fight.
And that fight is the right of patriots all over the world.
We believe God helps those in authority as we pray for them that are working for truth, justice, and the benefit of the people, to be guided and protected by heavenly hosts, given wisdom, knowledge, strategies, cunning and resources. And we pray that those traitors, corrupt, evil actors in authority be exposed, given opportunity to turn around, but if they refuse, be brought to justice to the full extent of the law. For the patriots are, first of all, an army of prayer warriors, fighting a spiritual war against dark forces in high places.
We reserve the right to contend against tyranny, despotism, sedition, treason, subversion, corruption, false propaganda, and bondage.
And it is our right to defend our lives, freedom, means of prosperity, culture, and homeland against all threats, both foreign and domestic.
We believe that informed, active patriotism, where we, the people, help others to understand that the principles of liberty being active in our society, courts, and governments is one of the most effective ways to ensure our freedom and protect our means of prosperity for this generation, and generations to come.

Understanding the principles of liberty is most important. Here is a great resource to help in that regard.
(Seven Principles of Liberty)

Invitation to Network

If you resonate with the creed and you are also a patriot entrepreneur, I would like to share my vision to create a private referral network for freedom loving entrepreneurs.
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