End Game, Oligarchy

I’ve figured it out.

And this will explain a lot. I have no doubt that the end game for the world, planned by the elite, is a totalitarian oligarchy over a global plantation.

But what I didn’t quite understand is why the ethnic groups of European Christian heritage were the primary targets for destruction. Now, I think I’ve got it.

So, let me explain.

I just made a statement of fact that could be considered controversial. Are Europen Christian people groups being targeted for destruction? Yes, and I’ll provide support for my claim with five factual pieces of evidence.

These Western culture people groups happen to, coincidentally, be categorized as the “white race” but I believe this is just a part of the propaganda campaign that fuels the war on ideology. It isn’t even about color (skin pigment) or “race” as if that were a thing. Those are simply incidental factors that are manipulated to divide people on a visceral, emotional and superficial level. The real target is Christian ideology because, from it, mankind was given the great writings of liberty and self-determination, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and subsequently the free enterprise system. These are the things used to set men free. They came exclusively from the Christian worldview and pose the greatest threat to global slavery.

Here are the five exhibits of evidence that will prove my case.

  • Evidence 1. Psychological warfare campaign to demoralize.
  • Evidence 2. Declining unsustainable population.
  • Evidence 3. Mass immigration, colonization.
  • Evidence 4. Forced integration, interbreeding.
  • Evidence 5. Cultural Marxism planned.

All of these tactics are being implemented as a matter of public policy and institutional programs across all of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. In other words, across the whole of Western Christian society. The end result of this mass campaign is the ultimate genocide of people from the Western Christian culture.

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The destruction of Western Civilization is the symptom or result of a coordinated attack on our culture. No, I don’t think it’s an accident, I believe it has been engineered.

If I were to write complete treatises on all these topics, this blog post would become an actual book. It could even become a complete series of books. So the only way for me to share my thoughts here is to give a very brief summary and then add some references and footnotes. So, here we go.

I titled this post, End Game, Oligarchy just to make it short. But the real end game that has to do with the way the oligarchs plan to manage the world is really like a global plantation. In their self-appointed hubris, they have the idea that they are the rightful rulers of the world.

So, in order to create this global plantation, they have to get rid of the most problematic parts of the population. That is, they must eliminate the ones that are the least conducive to slavery. Historically that is and always has been the people with a Western, Christian ideological foundation. That means that it isn’t really the color or nationality that is the target, but it’s the base ideology of the people that is the subject of concern for these global elites.

They have waged a war of epic proportions for many decades. And this one battle is a very small part of it. The war ranges all over the place and encompasses every aspect of our lives. It touches our food, water, money, employment, travel, relations, laws institution and every aspect of society.

Now let’s look at the evidence.

1. Psychological warfare campaign to demoralize

In my opinion, this is one of the most insidious and venal parts of their campaign. Through psychological programming, people are actually becoming self-loathing, self-sabotaging, self-destructive to their own people groups. It has become most pronounced in Europe, particularly, Germany.

Example: The German people have been indoctrinated to become “ethnomasochists” so that they will destroy their own culture and restrain from procreation.

It isn’t much better anywhere else in the West. Virtually every major leftist leader in the “free” world has adopted the self-destructive doctrine of ethnomasocism. Here is the vice president of the United States lauding the collapse of European descent in America.

Has this phenomanon happened in any other civilization on earth? Do we see it happening to other cultures in the world today? No, it is strictly focused on the Christian European culture of the West.

You will never hear anyone say that Africa is too black, they need to practice more “diversity.”

You will never hear anyone say that China is too yellow, they need to import more whites.

You will never hear that about any other ethnicity, culture or nationality. The Christian European cultures are the only ones being given a constant stream of media and government propaganda that compels people to hate themselves.

Even Louis Farrakhan recognizes this and he has no dog in this fight. If anything, it would be an advantage for his religious group Nation of Islam.

Anyone watching from the outside can see our leaders perpetuating the decline of the European people.