10k Leads Every 30 Days

How to build a database of over 10,000 prospects per month in the business opportunity market. This niche includes, work from home, freelancers, network marketing, make money online, remote workers, affiliate marketing and internet marketing wealth seekers that are highly motivated to explore new money making ideas.

Also, this short guide will cover, what to offer your leads, as an affiliate, to earn continuous residual commissions. This system works best for people that love to travel, want to take multiple vacations per year and enjoy helping others find the same kind of freedom lifestyle business you’ll discover here.

I’ve found that most people are really seeking the freedom and lifestyle offered to those that find success as online entrepreneurs. So, it only makes sense to make that a major part of our offering portfolio. That’s why we include several travel and lifestyle type products to offer your new leads as well as list building and make money online products. I’ll share just a few examples in this guide.

Now, if you can share a 15 second video or a simple document with a hungry list of opportunity seekers, you can do this.

Here are the seven simple steps to work this system:

Step 1. Build a database of verified, interested prospects.
Use these two services, Organic Prospects and My Lead Gen Secret, and you’ll have 170 of the highest quality leads that money can buy. Then, get at least one other person to sign up for each of these programs and the total leads you’ll get goes up to 340 per day. And, if you get enough new sign-ups, these services will both become profitable in their own right because they both have very generous affiliate compensation programs. So, go ahead and get signed up. The quicker you start building your mailing list, the sooner you can have your first 10,000 lead month. That’s step one, get signed up.

Step 2. Connect with your new prospects by email everyday.
Email a short intro and a question like I sent you the first time. It wouldn’t even bother me if you used my emails as an example to write your own. And as we get more and more data in about what subject lines and body copy get the best results, we can share those with each other. That is one of the greatest advantages to work as a team and not working alone. But you should really at least try to find a few people to work very closely with, like a mastermind group. That’s your mission with these first few emails. Find others that resonate with your dreams, goals and vision. You want to segment them out from the masses.

Step 3. Make an irresistible offer in the form of a gift.
This is what I like to call a Mafia Offer. It is an offer that’s so good that they would have to be foolish to refuse. I give away e-books, cheat sheets, checklists, mind-maps, infographics, videos, courses, hotel discount cards, dining vouchers, and luxury vacations as incentives. And I would be glad to share my resources with you. If we do decide to work together, I will make my lead magnets available for you to use too. Then it would just be a simple matter of putting your name on it and swapping out my affiliate links for yours. As an example, my lead magnet offer to you was this cheat sheet.

Step 4. Use an email autoresponder to segment your list.
You want to be able to make separate lists of the most interested prospects. Then have a sequence of emails that nurture, educate and encourage your list to work with you and take your offers. I personally use Getresponse. You don’t even need a website at first. They will host the form on their site and redirect the subscribers to a document download link in Google Docs when they opt in if you like.

Step 5. Teach others to do the same thing.
This system is simple enough for almost anyone to learn in a few hours. Although this cheat sheet might not be in enough detail to figure it out for a complete beginner, most people will be able to understand the system. Then it is just a matter of answering a few questions and filling in a few blanks. I require people that want to work with me to commit to helping at least two other people duplicate this system. And I recommend you do the same.

Step 6. Promote offers that can be massively scaled up.
Leverage is the key. By using the time and effort of hundreds and even thousands of other people, you will be able to create a self replicating business model with virtually unlimited potential. I recommend products like the list building services above in Step 1 to start.


Check Out This 15 Second Pitch Video

Marketing Boost

But to really motivate your prospects, offer incentives like free vacations from Marketing Boost . Then, start to add several other excellent programs like I’ll recommend later. It’s a good idea to have a little portfolio of programs that bring in new and different streams of residual income to reduce the risk of loss. As they say, never keep all your eggs in one basket.

Step 7. Set up automation and productivity systems.
In order to keep track of progress, people, outsourcers, and data, you’ll need to implement management programs. That way you will be able to scale beyond your own capacity to manage things. As you get busy and things start to grow, you’ll find that one of the biggest obstacle to your growth will be yourself. So it makes sense to get yourself out of the way as soon as possible.

The first tool I recommend will be an e-mail autoresponder. Then you should use link tracking, and start using a time tracker to increase your productivity. But, automation will be the key to becoming super successful with this lifestyle business model.

Then, we’ll explore how to use outsource help when you get too busy. Freedom, prosperity and the capacity to help others is our ultimate goal here. And that’s the end of the last step.

So, with all the steps clearly laid out, do you think you could do this? My bet is that you will need a little more help than this short guide offers. Would you like my personal help and training to set this all up? For those that decide to work with me in the recommended affiliate programs, there is no charge for my personal help. That also means you will have access to my incentives, lead magnets, videos, my personal training and many other marketing assets.

Now, let me know you are serious about getting started, sign up for one of the two lead building services, My Lead Gen Secrets or Organic Prospects,

That will give you a minimum viable business to start online. Unless someone has the basic assets of leads, prospects and a great offer, they don’t have a business. And either of those services will give you both an audience and a great offer, all in one!

And feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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I wish you all the success and freedom in the world.

Stay Blessed,

Alvin Curren

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