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Hi, I’m Alvin and my lovely wife is Rosa. We are Bible believing Christians who enjoy travel, playing frisbee, disc golf and generally have fun together. I’m from Oklahoma, but we live in Texas since we got married.

Another thing we enjoy doing is networking. Let’s connect if you have an interest in starting an online business as a side hustle or full time.

We would like to invite you to a private mastermind group. You will find strategies and resources to build an online business to gain more personal and financial freedom.

Networking Super Connector Mastermind

We enjoy mastermind networking groups of God fearing entrepreneurs that are committed to helping each others in business, life, and legacy. Principles of liberty, prosperity and related current events will be put up for discussion. We will also be brainstorming business success strategies, networking for referrals and social selling. Our goal is to help each other in building a legacy through a purpose centered mission, fulfilling our higher calling and living out Christian discipleship principles in our business relationships. Mastermind Groups HERE

Short Story About How We Got Started:

About ten years ago, I went through a self realization. It was brought on by a near fatal heart attack and not even a month later losing everything I owned in a wildfire. Afterwards, I followed my dream to travel the world and discovered that after six straight months of country hopping it felt like a vain pursuit. I had a lack of purpose and a feeling of worthlessness. What I realized is that many other successful entrepreneurs have similar experiences. I’ve found that we need to have a higher purpose in order to have a sense of fulfillment. That is why I’m now developing a program to help others get direction and clarity about our life’s purpose, business, fellowship, and building a lasting legacy. I believe those are the things that many successful entrepreneurs are missing.

Have you ever needed to work with someone to help keep you accountable, on track and moving forward everyday? We help people stay on task in social selling, and networking as a business growth strategy.



It’s About Freedom

Our goal is to work with goodhearted people so we can prosper and have more freedom.

Are you a freedom loving, entrepreneur? If so, then let’s network, collaborate and see what’s possible.

Here’s a short list of what’s in it for you.

  • Some of the most valuable connections that you’ll ever make.
  • More engagement, buzz, and viral attraction on social media.
  • High impact video production to convert lookers into buyers.
  • Unlimited giveaway incentives to entice people to your offers.
  • Business collaboration, referral partners and recommendations.
  • Resources, tools, training, and technology to leverage the internet.
  • High Ticket Offers Pay 80%, 90% and even 100% commissions.
  • Traffic, Leads and Prospects on demand right now!

Those are just a few of the things that we personally bring to the table.

The goal is simple, let’s build a network of high quality individuals that we would like to work with to expand our reach, have a greater influence, and increase our personal brand value.


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The Freedom Crusaders of Home Business Academy

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FREEDOM Lifestyle Business Model Blueprint

Simply, read the text, watch the videos, answer the questions and follow the prompts and it’s yours for FREE.


FREEDOM Lifestyle Business Model Blueprint

Join us where we share strategies and resources to grow your online business, start new income streams for extra revenue and enjoy more freedom.

It’s our privilege to work with you!